Books by their cover: SCUM Manifesto

So I shop thrift stores, a lot. Most times its browsing the vinyl, or looking for that cool old man sweater or vintage gingham shirt, always trying to keep it ‘hipster chic’. More often then not I end up at the book section, an endless wall of forgotten pop culture, sappy romance, self help pulp, outdated software guides, and other miscellaneous bound and forgotten texts. Some titles stand out over others, and I am often fascinated with hard bound books that still have their original paper cover and yellowed paperbacks.

I’ve purchased quite a few old books based entirely off of their cover or title, and I do it because of the old saying “Can’t judge a book by it’s cover’. Well, in this case I am doing exactly that.

Once a month, I will pick a book at random off of a shelf in a Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other second hand store based entirely off of its cover or title with zero prior knowledge about said book and read it. When I am done dear readers, I’ll write up a grade school style book report and give you, yes you, the chance to win said book through Instagram, Ill even pay for shipping!

This month, I’m starting it off juicy. I picked out ‘Scum Mannifesto’ by Valerie Solanas. I have to admit, I bought this book before I came up with the idea of doing a book report on the thrift store finds and did a tiny bit of Googling about it’s author. Apparently she was a radical feminist who shot Andy Wharhol. Between the awesome title, pink inner binding, and finding out Andy Warhol was shot I had to start the book reports on this no doubt classic.

It appears to be a student copy as it has a ‘Used Saves’ sticker and a barcode sticker on its hardcover. Kinda curious what field of study the student who bought this was in, maybe women’s studies? So ill crack into it and give you an update soon. Until then, keep it tight homies.Scum Manifesto Inside CoverScum Manifesto Cover

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