Who is Scott Bradley Roberts? Me, nobody. No really, I am nobody. I don’t know any famous people, I am not related to anyone, and I don’t have any money. I do write, or at least I try to. I try to sum up my everyday observations in a way that amuses me. I use a lot of paper, cuss words, and vulgarities, and most of them end up on something analog. This is the digital me. This is where I turn my life into a series of funny antidotes and hilarious summations with occasional links to other things, like video or my voice. I guess you can say I am creating the virtual version of myself. Holier than thou, god complex type stuff.

All of this is a shrine to my own ego, I know. Why else would someone do all this? It’s because I’m in a romantic relationship with myself. For me this is hearing my own voice, seeing my own face, reading my own writing. It’s always been interesting to me that people do it all the time and no one acknowledges it. We are all just a bunch of masturbatory monkeys who on occasion have sex with each other. This is why I write.


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